Shyamlal   Saraswati   Mahavidyalaya


    Grievance Cell:
    For the best discipline and peaceful atmosphere, this college has constituted a ‘Grievance Redressal Cell’. It helps the students and staff to put their problems and complaints before the cell. Though no serious problem arose in the college like Ragging, Eve Teasing, complaints regarding teaching, class room management, completion of syllabus, etc, this cell remains very active in respect of these difficulties. The routine meetings of this cell are organized and every issue is solved amicably.

    1. Dr. Mohit Sharma Convener
    2. Km. kavita Chaudhary Member
    3. Dr. Kavita Goyal Member
    4. Sh. Mandeep Singh(Math) Member

    For conscious and consistent improvement in performance, the college has developed and managed I.Q.A.C. The main function of this cell is to upgrade the quality of college by promoting awareness and quality enhancement in teaching process. In our college this cell does different types of work, as assessment of standard, different aspects of the functioning and analysis of the achievement, strength and weakness and to organize different types of programmes for their improvement. The representatives of management of the college have been included also in this cell for effective decision.

    1. Sh. Jai Prakash Gupta President
    2. Sh.Naresh Chand Singha Member
    3. Dr. M.K. Jain Principal/Member
    4. Dr. K.D Sharma Secretary
    5. Ku. Anjali Goyal Member
    6. Dr. Bhim Singh Member
    7. Dr. Kanak Sharma Member
    8. Dr. Gaurav Shukla Member
    9. Dr. Sangeeta Rathi Member

    Student Counseling:
    For the betterment of the students, Shyamlal Saraswati Mahavidyalaya has constituted ‘Students Counseling Cell’. In this semi-urban area, the talented students don’t make progress in want of proper guidance and counseling. Our counseling cell provides educational and individual counseling to students, so that they could make their future bright and prospective. To achieve this purpose the cell conducts psychological test for checking student’s interest, attitude, aptitude and ability. The cell organizes personality development programmes/workshops for the upliftment of student’s confidence.

    1. Dr. Raj Kumar                              Convener
    2. Dr. Gaurav Shukla                       Member

    Tutor Ward:
    Shyamlal Saraswati Mahavidyalaya has introduced tutor ward system for making the college best. Each ward tutor is entrusted with a group of 25-30 students. They cater them for academic, intellectual, psychological and emotional need and maintain their progress reports. They also act as a liaison between the Student-Parents-Principal. One of the most effective systems functioning in institution to fill the gap between the students and teaching community. Each faculty member has the additional voluntary responsibility of motivating and guiding his/her wards in all academic & personal fronts. Slow learners having difficulties in understanding and learning the subjects at the pace are paid individual attention. They are guided and trained by the tutor to know the better ways of learning, sharing of their own problems with their mentors become a sign of healthy relief to the students.

    Cultural activities:
    This college has a rich heritage of cultural activities, which are an integral part of student’s college life. Students participate for a wide variety of reasons, like enjoyment, entertainment, personal growth and development. These activities give them a chance to express their hidden talent. They also learn new skill, meet new people and gain knowledge of the cultural traditions. Shyamlal Saraswati Mahavidyalaya nurtures, nourishes and encourages talents in the field of cultural, literary and fine arts.

    1. Smt. Keerti Bhardwaj                Convener
    2. Sh. Kuldeep Gupta                     Member
    3. Sh Prabhat Gupta                      Member
    4. Sh. Prateek Kumar                    Member
    5. Dr. Sangeeta Rathi                   Member

    Gym & Sports Facilities:
    This college has a well equipped sports department. The sports complex has one multipurpose hall for indoor games i.e. Badminton, Table Tennis, Carom Board, Chess, Multi-Gym, Yoga and Weight Lifting. There are grounds for Football, Basket ball, Volley ball also. There is an athletic track of 200 meter also for students and staff members. The sports equipment /kit are issued generally to the students for practice. The inter-Branches Tournaments are conducted in various games annually like Chess, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Race, Volleyball, and Annual Athletic meet. Sports facilities with Indore games are also being provided in the Boys Hostels.

    1. Sh. Bhagwat Swaroop Sharma                      Convener
    2. Sh. Prabhat Gupta                                          Member
    3. Sh. Brajpal Singh                                             Member
    4. Sh. Rahul Bhardwaj                                        Member
    5. Ku. Garima Kaushik                                       Member

    Presentation Through LCD Power Point and Over Head Projector:
    This college provides Microsoft Power Point presentations to the students. It is a media-driven delivery of information. The faculty members also use L.C.D. Projector for delivering the lessons. We provide assignment to our students to prepare PPT and give opportunity them to present before the faculty and their fellow students to develop their confidence.

    Alumni Association :
    It is an association of graduates or more broadly of former students and employees. This association often organizes social events, publish newsletters and magazines. It provides a variety of benefits and services which helps alumni to maintain relations with their educational institute and fellow graduates. Additionally it supports new alumni to provide forum for forming new friendship and business relationship among people of similar background. Main objects are as follows:- 1. To keep touch with former students. 2. To keep in track, the progress of their educational status and career. 3. To help the former students by arranging campus interviews and providing information about prospective recruitment. 4. To establish interpersonal contact among themselves. 5. To improve the status of the college through the feedback and suggestions provided by alumni.

    1. Dr. Bhim Singh                          Convener
    2. Sh. Kuldeep Gupta                    Member
    3. Sh. Arun Kumar                          Member
    4. Dr.Sangeeta Rathi                      Member
    5. Ku. Reshu Bhardwaj                 Member

    Hostel Facilities:
    This college has excellent hostel facilities to accommodate boys. The hostel is on separate place. The rooms are well furnished and spacious. The hostel has its own indoor games facilities. There is a well maintained dining room with kitchen having hygienic cooking conditions and pure drinking water. There is sufficient security. Healthy environment is maintained. The hostel facility is very ideal for achieving academic goal.

    Transport Facilities:
    The institution has a robust transport system with a fleet of buses and other vehicles. They facilitate ease of conveyance for both students and staff. The buses ply to and fro to prominent parts of the area.

    Mineral Water (RO) Plant:
    The college has its own mineral water plant (RO) in the campus. Entire college is supplied the cold mineral water from the plant with the hygienic point of view

    College Canteen:
    The college has spacious canteen facility and is run by college management. A variety of South Indian food and snack are provided to the students and staff at highly subsidized rates with good quality. Canteen has a kitchen having steam cooking facility. Kitchen staff takes extra care to provide the students and staff with nutritious and hygienic food in campus. Food items are prepared with RO treated water. Canteen opens from 8:00 AM TO 4:30 PM on all working days.

    Research & Promotion:
    We provide research facility to our students and staff at college level. We have a plan in future to develop a research centre in memory of Late Prof. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhaia) a famous social worker for the benefit of farmers. Some small projects are running to develop research aptitude in Bio-Technology and Chemistry Department, as “How can we make light from wastage etc”.

    other   Institutes

    * Saraswati Vidya Mandir Law College.
           " The college as its Primary mission, aim for creating of human legal experts who will not only enter the Bench and Bar But will also be equipped to address effectively the imperatives of the new millennium. It also aims to promote, cultural, Legal and ethical values with a view to foster the rule of Law and Objectives under the constitution of India & to evolve comprehensive legal education and to achieve excellency."

    * Saraswati Vidya Mandir Inter College.
           " The Objectives of SSVMIC is to generated Lifelong learners pioneering innovate pathways through successfull learning in a global context " A perfect blend of skill & knowledge " . We promote new and expansive patterns of thinking & A healthy and barrier-free learning environment. "

    *Vishvakarma Laghu Technical Institute:
    Vishvakarma Laghu Technical Institute has been established by college to train the youth in Fitting, Welding, Electrician and different types of job. The youth who are unable to take higher education, may learn some job work to earn their livelihood, becoming self dependent. This institute has numerous valuable machines and experts to train them.

    * Saraswati Vidya Mandir Girls College.
    To educate a girl is in more favour of Nation, because she makes many families mannered. A Beautiful lady is gold but an educated and mannered lady is the "Mine of Gold". Education aims at perfect development of human life and soul. An educated girl is the foundation of an educated society. If man is educated, he maintains only one family and If a girl is educated, she bears the responsibility of making two families educated.